Friday, March 8, 2013

Best Laid Plans Interrupted

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The stars, moon, sun, and planets all aligned just right so that I could finally go on my ride along as my last step in learning how to do Meals on Wheels.  We had illness, Grandparent vacations, mission trips, and meetings that left me with no babysitters, and life that kept getting in the way.  But on Tuesday GiGi graciously watched the kiddos and I met up with a nice lady who showed me the ropes.

I met all the people that we will be delivering to and pretended like I would remember the route and would be able to get myself around without extensive GPS help as my driver explained street names and identifying features of each house.  Yeah, right!  Thank God they send you with a very detailed map.

I learned all about various headaches, was offered candy, and had my first exposure to one of Michigan's newer laws at work--medicinal marijuana.  I definitely got an education.  But the people we delivered to were so nice and appreciative.  I received more "Have a blessed day"s than I've gotten in a long time.  All in all, it took just under an hour to pick up and deliver food to eleven people.  Not bad.  My kids can't wait for our official start so that they can come along this time.  (I'll just be sure to have them stand WAY back from the door when we deliver to that one house)

I almost had someone over for dinner this week.  She was invited, the food was purchased, and I was ready to start this new journey in having people over who are a bit outside my comfort zone (as in anyone who isn't a really good friend).  But then Hubby got pneumonia.  Boo.  But it ended up being a good thing that I had to reschedule because that night as I was preheating the oven to make dinner, I noticed the oven light was on.  I looked closer and saw, no, the light is not on.  So why is the oven glowing?  I opened the door and realized the heating element coil was on fire!!!



It was rather pretty--it burnt like a sparkler moving around the coil until Hubby pulled the oven away from the wall, unplugged it and smothered it with a wet rag.  Then the coil broke into two.  A very dead coil.  And as it was burning, I was doing a happy dance, ecstatic that my oven had finally died.

Until Grandma informed me I could buy a new heating element for cheap and just replace it.  Double boo.

I ordered the new part for $25 including shipping and will install it when it gets here.  Because I am smart, I am brave, I will conquer the stove, and I have Youtube which will tell me everything I need to know on replacing heating elements.

And for the record, if you are keeping count, this is the third appliance in my kitchen to catch on fire or start smoking since we've moved in almost six years ago.  (First the fridge fire, then the dishwasher smoking, and finally the stove fire)  We've been incredibly blessed that all of the fires happened when one of us was right there in the kitchen when it started and could react immediately and that there has yet to be any damage beyond a broken appliance.

That was my week.  I got out of my comfort zone, met lots of new people, watched my stove burn, was excited about getting a new stove, and then had my dream crushed into oblivion upon learning it wasn't really that broken.  All in all, another lovely week.

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