Friday, February 15, 2013

I Hate Change...Even If It Does Present Me With New Opportunities

We love books!

Something tragic happened last week.  I found out that my closest library branch was closing for remodeling for TWO MONTHS!!!  Say what???  Don't they know that we are library lovers?  That we take up an entire shelf of their hold shelf because I request so many books?  That we come in once, sometimes twice, a week, every week?  That I had to get David his own library card because I was always maxing out my own card that allows me to have 50 books at a time?  That we've checked out over 1300 books just in the past year?

What am I going to do?!?!?!

Deep breath.  Breathe in, breathe out.

I bit the bullet and chose a new branch to start visiting for the next two, horrible months.  It's no where near my house.  No where near anywhere that I normally go.  But it's my only option for now.  Wednesday we went to the new branch for the first time.

"Mom, they have the same books as our library!"
"They have new movies.  Can we get one?"  (No, we gave up TV for Lent, sorry.)
"This library is cool.  I like the fun kid book area."

Apparently my children are much quicker to adapt to this tragedy than I am.  Though, my one concession is that this new library does have some different books than my normal library, so it was sort of fun to have new books to look through.  Worth driving to the middle of nowhere?  Worth the extra long drive?  Not really.  But we are going to turn lemons into lemonade and make do for the next two months.

Maybe I'll drive when we deliver meals after all

This morning I went to my Meals on Wheels orientation (it was cancelled last week due to our one and only snow storm so far this winter).  I learned all about how to deliver meals and how to handle some of the situations I might find myself in--if they ask you to fix their leaking roof, say "I will let the Meals on Wheels people know and they will help you."  Do NOT get up on their roof.  If the kitchen shorted you a meal, call the office and let them know, do NOT go to McDonalds and pick them up a Big Mac.  If you knock on the door and they don't answer, call the office and they will call the house.  If you see them through the window on the ground just laying there, call 911.  Gotcha.

I go on a drive along in two weeks and then I'll officially start delivering meals twice a month for now, possibly more often if I find it's a good fit for my family.  My kids were very sweet when I told them about it today at lunch.  "We will be delivery meals to people who are older and have a hard time cooking for themselves."  Lizzy, my quick, compassionate child picked up on the implications right away.  "Oh, you mean like Aunt ____?  Are we going to bring her meals?"  My aunt has been disabled for years and does have a hard time preparing food for herself.  This service would be wonderful for her...if she ate anything other than all natural/organic meats, fruits and vegetables.  "Well, Aunt ____ could use the program, but she doesn't really eat that sort of food."  Apparently not satisfied, she came back with, "Well, can't we cook her something she will eat and bring it to her?"  Yes, we could.  I'll have to ask about that.

A few other highlights of our 52 Weeks of New week:

My "We Love Mommy" party (more on this next week)

Walking on a frozen pond

David getting glasses (which he loves and can't stop commenting on--I can see!  Sorry, kid.  Your mom is oblivious)

Taking family pictures

Visiting my BIL and SIL at their house.  Cute house, awesome property that has me salivating for my own ten acres of prime farming land.

Another good week.  Mission complete.

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