Friday, September 28, 2012

Fun With Fruit--52 Weeks of New Week 5

Saturday evening Hubby wanted to make a family trip to our favorite farmers market style grocery store because we were low on produce and it's his favorite store.  When I go shopping without Hubby, my routine is to get in and get out, working in a giant circle around the store.  Hubby's routine is to meander through the store, to look here, look there, oh lets go back over here, what about the stuff all the way over there?  And so on.  Meaning, I have a lot of time to look at every single offering available in the store while waiting for Hubby to get done.

While wasting time waiting for Hubby, I came across two fruits that I had never seen before.  They looked weird, slightly gross, but of course I had to pick up a few of each and have the whole family try them.

As we were pulling into our driveway on our way home, my parents were walking by (they live right down the street).  We started talking and before long we were all inside the house while I put away the groceries.  I had to show my mom my latest new food, which of course meant we all had to sit right down and try them.

Lychee outer shell

Lychee is the gelatinous looking one on the bottom right
JuJu Fruit is the apple looking one

We started with Lychee.  My mom put it the best when she said that they looked like brains coming out of a shell.  First, you cut the shell off and then you're left with a gelatin-looking clear fruit that is wrinkled and looks remarkably like a brain mold.  We all took a little bite.  It was...interesting.  And by interesting I mean gross.  If I was on a deserted island and all I had was a bunch of Lychee that stood between me and death, it would be a toss up whether I would eat the Lychee or die.

Lizzy was not a big fan of the new fruit

David is a little skeptical of the JuJu Fruit

JuJu Fruit

We then moved onto the JuJu Fruit.  Now, JuJu Fruit of course made me think of the candy.  If they named a candy after the fruit, then surely the fruit should taste at least somewhat similar to the candy, right?  Wrong!  This fruit was more the consistency of an apple.  We debated back and forth what it tasted like.  Some claimed it tasted like an under ripe apple, others that it tasted like a pear.  But the overwhelming consensus was that it was yuck.  Lizzy even went so far as to spit hers out.  But of course there is always the one person who declares it delicious, which was Joy who begged for more.

Joy gives it a thumbs up--because she's crazy

After our little taste testing, we were sitting around chatting when I looked over and saw this.  I warned her that I would be putting this picture on my blog because it was priceless.  And so totally captures my true mother's character.  David had to get on the Bozo action as well.

We had fun trying new food, but we definitely did not find a new favorite this time around.

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