Wednesday, March 13, 2013

A War Is Being Waged

It wasn't until Sunday when I was talking with a friend about how last week turned out that the reality of my life hit me.  I told her about the oven fire, about Hubby's illness, about our ruined dinner plans.  I didn't tell her about my attempts to volunteer with Meals on Wheels and how my orientation was delayed a week due to bad weather, and how I had to reschedule my ride along with an experienced volunteer three times due to illness and a lack of a babysitter, but her comment would apply to this as well.

"It sounds like you're being attacked by Satan."

Well, duh!  Why didn't I realize this sooner???  Of course I am!  All this junk that keeps happening is just God's way of telling me that I'm on the right track.  No need for Satan to get out his flaming arrows unless I'm actually doing something right and good.  A war is being waged right now because Satan doesn't want me to do God's will and serve others.  He wants me to continue sitting on my bum doing nothing.  Of course he's going to try to make it difficult for me and try to get me to give up.

This revelation makes me all the more convinced that it is God's plan for me to serve with Meals on Wheels and to invite people over to my home and that I need to try harder to make it happen.  To take the setbacks as they come and realize they are just setbacks, not reason to quit.  To re-invite my dinner guest soon.  (Once Hubby stops coughing up a lung and laying around on the couch lethargically of course)  To not fret over the details.  To not stress over sickness and four days of missed pay due to said illness and the broken oven and failed plans and the notice that came in the mail informing me our homeowners insurance is about to be cancelled due to non-payment (Thank you mortgage company for failing to pay our bill--I thought that's why we escrowed in the first place, but I digress).

These are just arrows that tell me I'm in God's will.  Attacks that tell me I'm finally, truly getting dangerous.  God's way of saying "You devoted this year to surrendering control.  Here's your chance to prove it."

Yes, Lord.

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