Friday, February 8, 2013


It finally snowed overnight.  A real snow.  Definition: A real snow is one where you don't feel like a wimp using a snow blower.  It's awesome.  I promised the kids a snow day from school when we got the first real snow of the season.  Today's the day.

First, I snow blowed all the snow onto one side of the driveway.  Second, I got out the shovel and started piling the snow up to make a fort.  Third, I left the kids to their fun and came inside to the peace and quiet.  Oh bliss.  I love it when it snows.  It's not exactly "new" new, but we did make the first snow fort and snow man of the season, so I decided it counts.

Joy buried in the snow, the guilty one who did it,
and the innocent one who is making a snowman family

Last night my family fulfilled our IOU Christmas present to take my Grandpa-in-Law out for dinner.  We see Grandpa all the time at family events, but this was one of the few rare moments when we had Grandpa alone.  We started asking him questions and got him talking about his life.  We've had several conversations around the dinner table about life before cars, about farming, and other "old days" topics.  It was awesome to hear all about how Grandpa grew up on a farm, how he drove a tractor when he was nine, that they didn't have a car but used a horse and buggy to get around.  We learned about how he got into flying airplanes--David was especially impressed that Grandpa flew open cockpit airplanes like the one in the Snoopy comics and did stunt flying.  We learned about how Grandpa's Grandpa was a pioneer and moved from Indiana to Kansas by wagon.  And then moved back again.  Yes, David.  People have walked all the way from one side of the country to the other with the help of a covered wagon.  (A question he asked me last week while studying a map of the U.S.)  It was really nice to have that time with Grandpa and to learn about his life; our history.

Our slightly less than amazing pop and mentos experiment

Wednesday during Hubby's lunch break, we did a little homeschool experiment.  Hubby told the kids about how you can put mentos into a bottle of diet cola and it will explode like a volcano.  We couldn't just hear that information and not try it.  I bought mentos and pop at the grocery store and brought it home.  I admit, I was expecting something a bit...bigger.  But Hubby says our results were less than extraordinary because the pop had been chilling in our cold garage all night.  Next week I'm going to buy another bottle of pop and try the experiment with warm pop to see if it makes an even bigger explosion.

Earlier this week Hubby and I went out for our weekly lunch date.  Usually Hubby lets me pick the restaurant because I am pickier than him when it comes to...just about everything.  But this time when I picked him up from work, I decided I would let Hubby decide.  He picked Buffalo Wild Wings.  Oh.

See, I don't do spicy food.  I have this skin condition called rosacea.  Every time I eat anything with any sort of spice in it, my face flares up beat red.  It's rather embarrassing.  If that wasn't enough to deter me from eating spicy food, my tongue goes into cardiac arrest whenever it encounters even mildly spicy food.  I've tried to heat my food up, but ya.  It's not my thing.  Sorry, Hubby.

"Do they have anything other than spicy wings?"  

"Ya.  It has a full American food menu."  

Okay, not as scary as I thought it'd be.  I ordered a nice chicken wrap where you could pick whatever seasoning or sauce you wanted on it.  

"I'll take it with seasonings," I tell the waitress.

"What kind of seasonings?" 

"Oh.  There's a choice?  Just plain."

"Plain?  You don't want anything on it?"


Hubby slunk down in his seat in disgust.  

It was good.  I liked it.  Bland chicken and all.  Hubby tried to get me to eat one of his hot wings, but when I saw the tears running down his face, I smartly declined.  Thanks but no thanks.  Not even for my 52 Weeks of New challenge would I taste his hot wings of death.

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