Friday, November 2, 2012

Miracles Do Happen

I had a pile of stuff sitting in a corner in the basement right outside the storage room door.  Various things I put in the corner meaning to get to them later, but not really having a place for them since my storage room was such a disaster.  I am pretty sure that the same pile has been there, give or take a few things, for at least a year.  Maybe more.  Definitely more.

So long pile that used to be in that corner right there

Today....I cleaned it up.  That's right.  No more pile.  It all either went in the trash, into the giveaway pile, or got put in its proper place in the storage room.  After Hubby nagging me for months to take care of the pile, it all came down to a five minute job.  Pathetic.

The kids' toys mostly put away

I made the kids clean up the rec room because we're having people over for dinner this weekend and the kids will all end up in the basement because that's where the toys are.  Then, because all the rest of the basement was clean except the office, I took a few minutes and shredded a pile of paper, emptied all the recycling into a garbage bag to be taken to the recycling center, cleared off my desk, and viola!

Picked up TV area except for that big doll laying on top of the couch

A completely clean basement.  All at the same time.  This is a day that will go down in history as the first time that Lisa's entire basement was clean and orderly.  How's that for doing something new this week.

The cleaned up office

It feels so weird.  It feels so freeing.  Like I could do anything now that I've conquered the dungeon.  What other areas of my house have I been putting off cleaning because I thought it would be too much work?  Is there any place left?  I've done so much purging and cleaning this year that I am pretty sure I've addressed every single room, drawer, cupboard, closet, nook and cranny in my house.  Who knew that agreeing to review the ebook21 Day to a More Disciplined Life by Crystal Paine, would be the motivation I needed to finally tackle the one last area left in my home.

Is this the point where you start over and do it all again???

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