Thursday, December 13, 2012

Grandma and L'Hôpital

I got an email from my mom yesterday morning that my Grandma fell and broke her hip.  She was walking at the mall and went down.  They were waiting for the ambulance to come and transport her to the hospital.

I was stalking my mom for news as she went up to the hospital while I was stuck at home with the kids and couldn't go up to see Grandma until Hubby got home from work.  In one phone call my mom asked me what it was that David wanted for Christmas because Grandma was insistent that mom buy it for him.  I laughed into the phone.

"Grandma is laying in a hospital bed with a broken hip, facing surgery, doped up on morphine, and all she can think about is making sure David has a Christmas present???  She can have a pass this year.  Tell her to focus on getting out of said hospital bed in time to make it to our family Christmas."  But Grandma would have none of that.  David must have a Christmas present.

I went up to see Grandma last night after dinner.  The last time I visited a Grandparent in a hospital bed was my Grandpa.  He died a few days later.  So seeing my Grandma in a similar situation was a bit unsettling at first.  Thankfully she was chipper and bossy, ordering my Grandpa around as usual, and joking about all the "sweet young thangs" at church who were after Grandpa (by young, she meant they were in their 70s).  Her makeup was perfectly done up and she kept patting her hair into shape.  That's Grandma, worried about how she looks even while laying in a hospital bed.  

Grandma pulled through surgery to place a rod in her hip like a champ.  With a little physical therapy, she should be up and walking in a few days.  It could have been worse and I'm very thankful it wasn't.  But all this thinking about Grandma got me to thinking about my memories of her.

-Grandma made the best cinnamon and sugar toast.  I don't know what she did different, but I've never had better.

-Grandma served root beer flavored ice cream.  I loved it.

-Grandma had a sunken garden in her backyard that was like walking through the Garden of Eden.  It was beautiful.

-Grandma had a TV in her kitchen and let us watch cartoons over breakfast.

-Grandma sewed me (and later my girls) Raggedy Ann and Andy dolls.  Plus a really big doll that looked like me.

-Grandma sewed clothes for me that fit my Barbie dolls.

-Grandma took me to a flea market for the first time.

-Grandma let us stay with them on many occasions for the weekend--just us kids.  She was good tucker-inner.

-Grandma taught me to play Hearts and other card games.

-Grandma taught me to paint with oils.  I still have the pictures I painted with her nearly twenty years ago.

-Grandma cackles when she gets together with her sisters.

-Grandma had a wood fireplace in her basement that she let us roast marshmallows over one Christmas.

-Grandma always served root beer in cool green glasses from the wet bar in the basement.  And now that they moved to a condo, she still serves root beer every time I come over.

-Grandma always makes pie for family holiday meals.  Apple, sometimes pumpkin, blueberry, or cherry.  Her crusts are perfectly crimped and look like a magazine cover photo.

-Grandma gives good hugs.

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