Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Back In Business

Fixing the oven is a family project

It is with mixed feelings (because I really wanted a new one) that I announce that Ladybug Farm's oven is back in service.  The new heating element arrived in the mail this afternoon.  The kids and I crowded around the computer to watch a Youtube video to learn how to tackle the project pausing between steps.

Watching Youtube, the great fount of knowledge

The kids helped me as much as they could by helping to unscrew the old coil, holding the flashlight, and generally getting in the way.  Which is just part of the package when my purpose in asking them to help me was so they could learn how to fix an oven should they encounter a similar problem later in their own lives.  All part of my nefarious Unentitlement Project.

Old, broken heating element

I can see it now..."Hey, Lizzy.  Remember the time when we helped Mom replace the heating element in the oven?  Do you remember how she did it?  Mine just caught fire and I need to put in a new one."

I unfortunately ignored the warning from the Youtube sage who warned viewers to DO NOT LET GO OF THE WIRES!  I did not hold securely to one of the wires with the pliers and it ended up pulling back into the oven's great abyss.  The entire project took me a half hour to complete, twenty of those minutes spent trying to fish the stupid wire out of the oven.

But once I got it out, it was a simple "plug the new coil into the wire slot, screw the element back to the oven wall, and you're done."  Easy.  All for just under $25.

New heating element all nice and hot

Too bad it couldn't have been super difficult and expensive thus making the purchase of a new range seem like a logical decision.  (And yes, Grandma, I do realize I need to clean my oven.  But now I'm a little bit scared to heat the oven up so hot--will it catch fire again???  Maybe I'll wait until I'm sure that our homeowners insurance premium has been paid before attempting such a risky endeavor.)

So I am sad to not be getting my coveted gas range at this time, but I am happy to have my oven back.  Enchiladas, fresh baked bread, cookies, roasted asparagus, potatoes.  It was only five days of no oven, but it felt like an eternity.

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