Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine's Day Ladybug Farms Style

I staggered into the bathroom this morning and flipped on the light.  I must not have been paying attention because it still took me a few minutes to look in the mirror where this was there.

Well, the middle part was.  I added all the little hearts for Hubby's amusement.  Usually we just leave each other messages in the steamed up mirror, so a soapy message was kinda cool.

Hubby and I agreed that we wouldn't do presents this year-pretty much like we decide every year.  Imagine my surprise when I came out into the kitchen to make Hubby's coffee and found this.

Flowers for his "girls"

Roses for Mommy and little roses for Lizzy and Joy.  And a lonely little note for David which made me laugh.

 Of course I had to add my additions.  They may not be "pretty," but at least you can eat them.  I am going to have to show an absurd amount of will power to stay away from Lizzy's mint M&Ms.  She shares her momma's love of chocolate and mint.

We may not do it up super big around here, but it's enough of a message that says I Love You and You are important to me.

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