Monday, February 18, 2013

"We Love Mommy" Party

The Little Mastermind who may have been snitching frosting
off the cake.  No idea where she learned to do that.

A few weeks ago Joy came to me and asked if she could call Grandma.  She had a very important thing to discuss with Grandma; she wanted to go over to Grandma's to have Grandma help her with something, but she couldn't tell me about it.  O-kay.  I gave her the phone and she went into her room and shut the door for privacy.  Grandma was busy that day but arranged another time for Joy to come over.

Joy eventually went over to Grandmas and hatched her plan.  Joy is not the best at keeping secrets so I gathered from her information slips that she wanted to plan a party.  But she needed Grandma to do all the work, provide the money, and do the driving for the necessary errand running.

Last week my mom called and invited us over for a Valentines Day tea party.  Being the smart gal I am, I figured this was Joy's party.  Grandma came over and picked Joy up the morning of the tea party to run errands.  Joy was beyond excited.  Lizzy helped her write up her shopping list which my mom gave me afterwards:

Joy got all dressed up, put her list into her purse, and was all set to go when Grandma got there to take her shopping.

I arrived to the tea about five minutes early.  "Mom!  You can't be here yet!  We're not ready.  Go down stairs."  Why thank you for the warm welcome, dear Joy.  Snort.  I went down stairs and waited for the party to begin.

Joy finally let me come upstairs and I found my mom, Grandma, mother-in-law, brother, sister-in-law, Hubby and the kids all around the table which was set with Mom's best china.  My chair had two balloons tied to it that said "I love you."  A bouquet of fake flowers, a Princess headband, and a card were also at my seat.

It wasn't my birthday.  It wasn't Mother's Day.  It wasn't even Valentine's Day yet.  Joy planned a "We Love Mommy" Party.

She is such a sweety pie.  I felt so honored that my little five-year-old would go to all this effort to plan a party just because she loves me.  That she roped Grandma into helping her and Grandma actually did it--she made a bunny cake just like she used to for my birthday when I was a kid (she called me her Bunny Face, hence the bunny cake).  She took the girls to the store to buy decorations and lunch food items.  And I was honored that the rest of my family would actually come over on a week day because of Joy's idea.

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