Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Mom's Boredom Busters

In honor of our Lenten decision to cut out (cut back on) screen time in my house, I am compiling a list of things that the kids can do instead of watching TV or playing computer games.  This is what I affectionately call:

Mom's Boredom Busters

1. Make paper airplanes and test them in the plane launcher.  See which style of plane flies the best.

2. Build something out of Legos, the bigger and more complicated (read: takes a long time) the better

3. Build something out of Keva planks, preferably something large and complicated (see #2)

4. Make a card for someone, possibly one for everyone you know

5. Paint-suncatchers, pictures, rocks, sticks, yourself, just not my furniture

6. Play with plasma cars/roller skates/scooters in basement

7. Play outside-sledding at Grandmas, in the woods, shoveling the driveway

8. Read a book-Yes, the whole thing

9. Play-doh

10. Do a puzzle

11. Play a game-Let your little sister win occasionally

12. Climb the walls-I'm still not sure if it was a good or bad idea to show Lizzy how I used to climb the walls when I was a kid.

13. Write a story-Is that too much like school?

14. Play the Toy Game-as the name implies, this is when they play with toys and make up stories

15. Help mom cook dinner-sometimes this involves free samples

16. Snuggle with mom-which usually turns into a tickle fight

17. Research, design, and then execute making a pinewood derby car-we are starting to have a large collection of these in our house

18. Watch the birds at the bird feeder-even when you're supposed to be doing math

19. Practice your "death" scene-This is one of Joy's favorite things to do

20. Have a nerf gun war-just don't hit mom or your gun will go in time out

21. Go to Grandma's house and do chores-because chores done somewhere else are much more fun than chores down at home

22. Make random things out of paper

23. Play hot lava-you have to walk around the room without your feet touching the ground using the furniture

24. Follow mom around saying "I'm bored.  I'm bored.  I'm bored." (Which leads to #25)

25. Do a chore (see #24)


  1. Do your kids like to play "School"? I mean, I know your kids are homeschooled, but my used to like to play school or doctor's office. Give them some binders, clipboards, pencils and lined paper, and they would go to town. Ask your father-in-law for some old medical forms that they can fill out. We invested in some portable intercoms a few years back, and the kids LOVE using them to play doctor's office - Dr. Hope, you have a patient waiting...very fun stuff! :)

    1. The girls like to play school, but it's been a while. Doctor is a good idea. I'm not sure if they've every really played that before.