Monday, April 2, 2012

It's Spring Break...

It's Spring Break so life is just a little bit different around here.  Joy attends preschool three mornings a week, so that means no driving her this week.  It's amazing how the simple act of driving Joy to school in the morning and then picking her up before lunch serves to completely chop up my day.  I'm going to celebrate a week of being able to stay home by finally taking the time to tackle several very overdue projects.

I've already tackled the first thing on my list--cut Lizzy's hair.  I've put it off for several months because I think her long, blond hair is beautiful.  But it's not so beautiful every morning when I have to brush a rat's nest out of it.  My ears are tired of the whining and crying.  I'm definitely not a professional at hair cutting seeing as this is my first attempt, but I think it turned out fine all things considered.


Before-It was 2 inches too short for Locks of Love or else I would have taken her in to get it cut

After-And VERY happy to finally be out of the hair cutting chair

After-I hope the layers dry up nice

Here is a list of the rest of my goals for this week.  I probably won't finish all of them, but I hope to at least accomplish half of them.

1.  Cut Lizzy's hair.
2.  Go through the boxes in the storage room and purge.
3.  Deep clean the bathrooms.
4.  Take the kids to the Zoo.
5.  Take the kids to the science museum.
6.  Transplant the seedlings in the garden to give them more space.
7.  Purge the basement playroom.
8.  Help Hubby build a garden bed.
9.  Help Hubby build a hanging basket frame.
10. Read Strawberry Girl to the kids.

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