Thursday, April 12, 2012

When Purging Efforts Are Thwarted

Hubby cleaned the garage this past weekend.  While he was putting the snow shovels up into the attic, he found a few outgrown toys to add to our garage sale pile.  I thought that these toys would be uninteresting to my children.  I was wrong.

Look Mom!  I can still ride my old bike even if I can't sit on the seat anymore!
 The girls also found a creative way to utilize their old sled on a nice, sunny spring day.  Poor David is always being roped into being the brute strength.  

Come on Rudolf!  Go faster!
It never ceases to amaze me how my kids can go months/years without touching a toy even once.  But if I dare to put it into the purge pile, it's suddenly the BEST TOY in the world!  After two years of no use, I decided to sell our plastic climber on craigslist.  I pulled it out to clean it up for the woman coming to pick it up the next day.  My kids spent the entire afternoon playing on it.  The next day when they found out I had sold it, they were horrified and wanted to keep it.  

But my favorite time was when I was getting ready to sell one of our portable cribs.  I washed the mat and set it up in the sunroom to dry out.  The next thing I know, I find this little photo-op.  

Please Mom!  We LOVE it!  Don't get rid of it!

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