Saturday, April 14, 2012

A Little DIY

Our main bathroom seems to be falling apart.  Last weekend the sink broke.  Lizzy came out of the bathroom yelling that the pipe broke and that there was water everywhere.  Upon further investigation, the drain pipe had completely rusted through and severed, leaving the sink water with no where else to drain but into the cabinet below.  I left this project to the Hubs because plumbing and I have little experience together.

Rusted through sink drain--Hubby said it's from 5 years of kid spit:)

Severed sink drain
Yesterday David came out of the same bathroom holding the toilet flusher in his hand.  The plastic flusher handle broke off from the arm that holds up the chain.  Since it was 8:00 pm at night, I wasn't about to go out to the store and buy a new handle immediately.  But as the only other bathroom in our house is through the master bedroom, we needed to come up with a solution or risk middle-of-the-night visitors into our room.  Enter a coat hanger and duct tape.  The kids thought it was the most hilarious thing ever.  But it worked.

This morning I ran out to Walmart and bought a new flusher and replaced it.  The kids were a little sad to see the hanger go.  They were having fun telling a stupid joke about it.  "What do you get when you combine a hanger and duct tape?  A flusher!"  Ya.  We've been trying to teach the kids about the art of telling FUNNY jokes, but so far our efforts have been in vain.

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