Monday, April 16, 2012

I'm Thankful...

For health.

My whole family was sick with a terrible cough.  David got hit the worst due to his asthma.  He spent 4 days pretty much laying on the couch and sleeping.  It made my mommy heart hurt just to listen to his coughing.  The rest of us were sick, but not nearly as bad.  Hubby and I still have a little cough, and we both sound wheezy, but we're almost better.

For Hubby.

I got the "blue screen of death" one too many times on my computer (it was a third hand computer), so Hubby bought me a new one.  He then spent a couple hours over the weekend setting up my new computer and then networking all the computers together so they can share a printer.  Which means I can now print 2 sets of every coupon I want from each computer.

For Lizzy.

While Hubby, David and Joy were out yesterday afternoon, Lizzy stayed home with sick me.  She decided she was going to help me make dinner, clear and set the table without being asked, and doing whatever she could to be helpful.  All with a very cheerful, happy spirit.

Today we decided to stop playing "hermit" and got back into our daily routine.  Joy went to preschool while Lizzy and David did their full course load of schoolwork.  I can't say there weren't a few tears shed, but that's to be expected after two weeks off from our routine.  Hopefully tomorrow will be better.

After lunch the girls wanted to create their own secret reading places, so Lizzy cleaned out half of the closet and I helped with putting up sheets to make little cubby areas.  The girls were pretty happy with their idea.

Peeking out of their "secret" hiding places

Joy reading an old birthday card from Grandma

Lizzy with her nightlight reading lamp--her side was a little too dark

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