Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Clearing Off the Desk

While Hubby was setting up my new computer, he told me that my desk was a disgrace and that he had no idea how I could even work with all the mess.  Well, pppssssstttttt to him!

BUT since Lizzy has been begging, begging, begging until I want to put ear plugs in for me to let her have my old computer once we scrounge up a new monitor from somewhere, I decided that MAYBE I should clean off my sewing desk since that's where the computer would need to go.

I have NO IDEA what Hubby was talking about.  My desk was perfectly clean to start with.

See???  Clean.  Just like I said:)

Okay, maybe Hubby had a point.  It does look a lot better now.

I am thankful...

For Sunshine.

It rained almost all day yesterday and was cloudy.  Today the sun is shining bright and the flowers on the tree outside the office window are beautiful in the sunlight.

For Friends.

David and Lizzy had their homeschool science co-op class this morning.  It's only for an hour, but they always have fun and get to spend that hour building friendships with the other kids.  As a homeschooling family living in a neighborhood with few children, most of my kids' socializing involves me driving them somewhere.  So I always treasure the opportunities where my kids can interact with their peers.

For Normalcy.

After two weeks of chaos due to spring break and a week of sickness, life is back to normal.  Routine is a beautiful thing.

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