Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Revamping Our Diet--Misadventures

Hubby and I went on a hot date Monday night--to Best Buy to pick out a new dishwasher (Hallelujah!  Clean dishes!).  We ditched the kids at Grandma's house so we wouldn't have to deal with chasing three kids through the appliance department.

On our way home we started talking about health, weight, and our daily diet.  I expressed my frustration over my inability to lose weight even after running three times a week for over two months and actively, usually, watching what I eat.

Hubby kindly pointed out my dinner menu choices as being part of the problem.  I like casseroles which generally include a sauce that uses butter.  Or cheese.  Or sour cream.  I like Mexican food (yum!) which can be healthy, just not when you add cheese and sour cream, plus a large tortilla, and white rice.  I serve white pasta because my family balks at whole wheat pasta.  I've gradually switched to mostly sweet potatoes but I do still serve white on occasion.

Basically it came down to--I need to revamp our menu.  

Hubby said that he wanted to eat more fish beyond the rare fish sticks.  Something that's not breaded.  Fine, I can try that.  Yesterday Salmon was on sale, so I bought a nice big fillet and brought it home.  Of course Hubby picks yesterday to work late meaning I now had to figure out how to cook said Salmon fillet on my own without a grill as the empty propane tank has not been refilled since our little gas mishap.  I scoured the internet and found a recipe and went to make it only to discover I didn't have any rice wine vinegar.  Back to the internet, saw lots of recipes that used balsamic vinegar instead and went with that.

I served dinner up, took two bites of my delicious salmon, and started to feel funny.  Oh no.  Apparently when I ate Salmon a year ago and reacted to it and assumed it was from cross contamination from the meat counter?  I was wrong.  I'm just plain allergic to Salmon all on its own and not only to shell fish.  Oye.  I quietly got up from the table, dug through the medicine cabinet to find some benadryl and drugged myself up.

Thankfully, the reaction didn't hit my throat this time.  I felt tight in my chest and started feeling really loopy in the head where it was hard to focus on conversation and I had to really search for the right word.  And then when I went to do dishes and took my sweater off, I realized my arms were covered in hives.  Upon further examination I discovered I was covered in hives from head to toe.  Oops.

Apparently there is a very good reason why I don't cook fish as part of our normal diet and why it will not be finding its place in our regular menu rotation.

In light of my conversation with Hubby, I went through my cookbooks and made up a menu for the entire month of November (minus a few days where I have no idea what to make but will fill it in eventually) with healthier recipes.  Hubby looked over the menu and approved it with a few additions of his own.  I did my best working with our no-seafood, no-pork outside of sausage, no-eggs preferences/restrictions.

Now all I need to do is stick to my menu and we'll be all good.

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