Tuesday, October 16, 2012

I Did It!

Woohoo!!!!  I am celebrating my awesomeness today.  I fixed my washing machine all by myself!  That's right.  I looked up the problem online.  I diagnosed it.  I bought the part.  I looked up the steps to replace the part.  And I did it!  My washer is working without leaking water into the tub.  The water is coming out with a whole lot more force (I think the old water inlet valve was a little clogged from years of well water running through it).  I have high hopes for much happier laundry.

I took the advice of a friend after my last DIY project of trying to get my dishwasher to work better and took pictures before disassembling the washer just in case I needed a reminder for putting it back together again.  Thankfully, the pictures were unnecessary.  Total Cost--$28.96  Total Savings--$75.00+

Step One--Remove the box the water inlet valve is attached to.

Step 2--Unhook the wires noting which one goes to hot vs. cold

Step 3--Replace broken inlet valve with the new one and then reassemble washer

Step 4--Take a picture of my little helper in all her glory

Step 5--Test it out and discover I fixed the washer and made it better than before

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  1. Go Lisa! this is awesome and an inspiration to show that with a little DIY elbow grease - you can save so much if you work on fixing things yourself!