Thursday, August 16, 2012

My Very Expensive Yet Frugal Day

We started the day with an oil change appointment.  I went in knowing it'd be around $45 because I get the all synthetic, seven month-seven thousand mile oil so I don't have to go in as often (it is nearly impossible trying to schedule an oil change around our school schedule, so less than twice a year works a lot better for me--plus it's cheaper in the long run).

I also went in knowing that seven months ago the mechanic recommended a transmission flush and a power steering flush and was going to ask if I was ready to do either of them yet.  So I asked them today which was more important and opted for the transmission flush--all $180 of it.  But, it's cheaper than a new transmission when mine ceases up due to neglect.  

The kids LOVE going to the oil change place because they have a playroom, free popcorn, juice and water bottles.  Today there was the added bonus of the dealership mascot, Serg, the cutest sheltie dog.  They each got to feed him animal crackers after getting Serg to shake hands with them.  

This was my very expensive (though as frugal as I could get it) part of the day.

After leaving the dealership, we went to the mall where the girls got free haircuts at JC Penney.  When I first saw the advertisement about free haircuts, I dismissed it since I recently cut the girls' hair myself.  But then we were at the mall for something else last week and I thought I'd ask if they had any walk-in appointments available, and ended up scheduling appointments.  

The girls were thrilled.  They love getting their hair cut.  Joy went into it knowing she wanted it short, about shoulder length.  A haircut just like her friend Katie's hair.  Lizzy just wanted a few inches off to make it easier to brush her hair.  Throughout Joy's haircut, she sat there with a look of boredom on her face.  But when the stylist handed her the mirror and turned her around, Joy's face lit up with pure joy and declared that she looked very fashionable.  

Someone was not too thrilled about getting her picture taken

Lizzy spent her haircut laughing and smiling, the stylist having to remind her repeatedly to sit straight up so her hair wouldn't be crooked.  I admit that Lizzy's cut is bittersweet.  While I love it and think it's her best haircut to date, she no longer looks like a little girl.  She has a stylish, layered, more grown up look.  

After riding up and down the escalator a few times on our way out of the store, we went to Fazzolis to use the coupons for free kids meals that the kids earned through the library summer reading program.  We had pizza, spaghetti, and way too many bread sticks.  

Despite the big chunk of change I shelled out on my car, I feel pretty good about my morning.  Free haircuts, mostly free lunch (I did have to buy my own food), and my car is happy for another seven thousand miles.  

Mom, I can't pose for a picture, I'm too busy playing

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