Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Paging Mommy

Our repurposed phones that are now our intercom system

When we first bought our house over five years ago, our office was in the basement where it is now.  While it's been over three years since we've had a basement office, the one thing both Hubby and I remember the most was always yelling back and forth through the house.  Hubby suggested we buy an intercom system to cut down on the yelling.  

I was researching intercom systems online and wasn't having a lot of luck at finding something well rated that wasn't outrageously expensive.  As I thought about it, I started wondering if our old phones would work despite us ditching our land line this past winter.  I pulled the phones out, charged them up, and then tested the intercom system out.  Sure enough, they worked.  

A free, reliable, did I mention free intercom system.

Then I had the bright idea to teach my kids how to use it so they would be able to answer when I call down to the basement when they're using the computers.  We practiced both calling the other phone and answering when the phone got paged.  The kids loved it.  A little too much.

Today I have spent maybe a half hour on the computer total.  In that half hour, I have been called no less than twenty times.  I have been called to tell me that they are done with breakfast, that they are done getting dressed, that Lizzy is playing on the piano too hard, that the toilet isn't flushing right, just to say hello, to tell me they love me, that they are done doing their chores, to tell me they are really done doing their chores now, that David is outside mowing the lawn, etc, etc, etc.  

Maybe an intercom system wasn't the brightest idea I've ever come up with after all.

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