Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The Big Moving Project

After three days and a little blood, a lot of sweat, and thankfully no tears, the office is now in the basement and David's room is upstairs.  (If you missed Friday's blog, we had to move David out of the basement after the discovery of mold.  Not so good for his allergies and asthma.)  At one point in the middle of the project, I looked around my house and realized that almost every single room in my house was destroyed.  

I had part of a bed in my kitchen

Drawers, blankets and office chairs in my living room

Desks, a dresser, a mattress, and computer parts in the playroom

And total chaos in the office and David's bedroom.

I started to feel a little like this project was never going to get done.

Hubby stayed home from work on Monday because he was sick, so he was able to to help me with the biggest furniture, but I moved the bulk of it with a little help from David when I needed someone to help me push things up the stairs or direct things around the corner into his new bedroom.

It was a lot of work, but I am very happy with the results.  Our new office is almost twice the size of the old one.  Where we used to be all on top of each other in a tiny room with too many work stations, now we all have our own space with plenty of room to get around without tripping over things.  

Hubby's desk, the kids' desk and then my area

My area-Computer desk and sewing/office work desk

David's room is still a work in progress as his dresser is currently out of commission until we figure out what to do about the mold on it.  Plus I haven't switched the closets over yet, so his closet is full of school books, craft supplies, and guitars while the office closet is full of toys.  While David wishes he was still in the basement bedroom with a lock on his door to keep his sisters out, he is happy with his new room and knows that it's much better for his asthma.  

David has already broken in his new bedroom with the train tracks

And no, I have no plans to repaint the office to get rid of the car wall.  Maybe in a few years when I get back my energy after all that moving.

Now all we need is for the UPS man to deliver our switch so we can hook up all the computers to the internet.  Right now we are fighting over the one network cable and our one wifi-capable laptop (I stole the cable and hooked up my computer the second Hubby left for work this morning).  I admit, it is nice to be able to tell the kids that sorry, you can't play on the computer.  They aren't hooked up to the internet.  But since we need them for the start of school next week, that excuse won't last for long.


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