Thursday, August 23, 2012

Fun With Masking Tape

I saw a great idea on Pinterest to use masking tape to make car tracks on the carpet.  I tucked it away for another day.  On Monday the girls were bored and complaining that they didn't have anything to do.  I was digging through the tool drawer looking for something and came across a roll of blue masking tape.  I handed the roll over to Lizzy and sent the girls to the basement.

After a few minutes they came upstairs looking for boxes, string, and toilet paper tubes.  Hours later she came and told me that she was ready for me to take a picture.  Lizzy was specially proud of her idea to use the string to make power lines.

Lizzy and Joy's creation

 Lizzy even labeled a few of the areas so there wouldn't be any confusion about what each area was.

Tide Pool and the Beach

 Over the week, David has gotten into the fun, I had to buy another roll of masking tape, and the kids have spent almost every spare moment in the basement playing with the track.  It has morphed into this.

And a new area has been added.

I'm amazed at how much fun the kids are having with their tape tracks.  I thought it would be a hit for maybe an afternoon--I had no clue that it'd entertain them for days, maybe even weeks.  It also makes me happy to see the kids using the basement playroom again after months of it sitting neglected and beyond messy.  All my efforts to clean it up were worth it.


  1. Followed you here from the Peaceful Mom link up. I love creative play ideas like this. My four-year-old would love this. If you want another rainy day activity here is one that made my daughter really happy:

    1. My kids thank you for the great idea which we will implement the next time they are at loose ends.