Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Thrift Store Jackpot

I stopped off at my favorite thrift store--Volunteers of America--yesterday.  I was looking for cute, random pots to grow herbs in because I am tired of my big clay box one that hogs up the entire kitchen window and blocks the sunlight.

We were walking in front of the building to the door and that's when I saw it in the window: an end table.  Not just any old end table.  But the end table.  The one I have been searching for in every catalog, store, garage sale, and thrift store for over a year.  I've seen a few that I liked but they cost way more than I wanted to spend.  So I've put off making a purchase, hoping and praying I'd find a used one for a much more reasonable price.  And there it was.  The perfect height, really big to go with our really big couches, a cupboard to hide things in, real wood, sturdy.

The best part?  It was only $16.61.

The only problem with the table is that it's a bit...distressed looking.  There are some black markings on the table top, and some gouges on the sides.  I bought the table planning to refinish it.  But then I brought it into my living room and realized something--the table matches my other woodwork almost perfectly.  It matches the fire mantle and the piano.  The black spots add character and the dings are covered up by the couches.  I put one of my new lamps onto the table and they go well together.  It was like this table was made for my house.  I don't know if I want to refinish it after all.  I kinda like it the way it is.

I found something else that I have been wanting for a long time: a gravy boat.  I have one that's metal, but it's too small.  I really wanted one that could hold more and was pretty.  I was in the process of checking out my order when I saw an awesome gravy boat on the shelf behind the counter where all the nice, antiquey things are displayed.  I hesitantly asked the clerk how much it was and was shocked that it was only $1.60.  I snatched that baby up.  I say that it matches my dishes since it has blue flowers on it just like my dishes do, but Hubby says otherwise.  Either way, it's cute, it was cheap, suites my needs perfectly and makes me happy.

Gravy boat and two new herb pot

 I had a really good day at the thrift store.

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