Thursday, January 3, 2013

Tea Tasting Party

Hubby went back to work after lots of vacation and holiday time off and David went to a friend's house meaning....girls only day!!!!  Lizzy asked if she and Joy could have a tea party with real tea.  "I don't know, Lizzy.  I don't think you'll like real tea.  But you can try it."  Despite all of the wonderfully magical virtues of tea, I am not a tea drinker and often refer to tea as drinking dirty water.  But, the girls really wanted real tea so I pulled out all of our tea offerings and we each chose one to try.  I heated up the water, got out the mugs and we started sampling.

The first tea we tried was Twinings Herbal Unwind.  While better than the norm, it was only mediocre.  The girls declared it okay, but not their favorite and asked if they could add sugar.  With the addition with sugar, they raised their like level to about one step above mediocre.

The second tea we tried was a Lemon Ginger tea.  I think Lizzy's face says it all.  I had to set the example by not spitting the tea out in the sink, but it wasn't easy.

The third tea, Oregon Chai's Dreamscape, was declared the winner.  While I'm still not about to take up tea drinking, this tea could grow on me if I kept drinking it.  I received this tea as a free sample pack from the company, so there are two other varieties I can try before deciding if I want to actually buy tea for me to drink.  Hubby might not be able to handle the shock if I did.

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