Monday, January 21, 2013

I Admit...

I admit that I have been lazy about blogging lately.  I have written lots of entries and then just abandoned them in the "unpublished blog post underworld" because I didn't like them.  I've wracked my brain about what I could write about, but life just isn't that interesting these days.

Fancied up and waiting for the play to start

We've had fun--the kids and I went to see The Velveteen Rabbit at the theater last week.  The kids finally got to see the BIG theater where the Broadway shows are performed and not just the little theater for the kid shows.

I've said yes to five things that God asked me to do.

I've cleaned my house, over and over.  I've cooked and baked many meals.  I've taught my kids their school lessons every week day.

My little kitchen helper

I saw my nephew be baptized yesterday.

My friend gave me some kefir grains and I am attempting to make homemade kefir.  So far my first batch was watery, but I have high hopes for attempt number two.

Sometimes life is just....ordinary.

Nothing big is happening.  No revelations.  No ginormous accomplishments.  Just plain old, every day life.  And I kind of like it this way.  I love every season for their own reasons, but winter is my favorite.  When we're all snuggled up in the house, when we look out the window and see snow falling; there's just something about winter and an empty calendar that I love.

I know these ordinary, uneventful days won't last forever, so I am just enjoying them while they last.

Grocery shopping with the kids--where will the food go???

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