Tuesday, September 4, 2012

One Down, 179 More To Go

The first day of school has finally arrived.  We started our day by taking "First Day of School" pictures.

I started our school day by opening the teachers manual and realizing I needed a bunch of supplemental books that I had stashed somewhere in my house.  I then spent the next ten minutes trying to remember where I stashed the box of our curriculum that I got way back in the spring.  After I finally located it under my bed, I dug through the big box of stuff to find the books we needed.

We did some group reading.  We learned what ecosystems are.  The kids took a pretest to see how many countries they could label which they will be repeating at the end of the year when they will hopefully get a whole lot more correct.

David-4th Grade

We learned about maps and what a chart is versus a map (one is for land, one is for water).  We pulled out our wall map and put it on the wall.  We rounded up all three of our globes to locate the different ecosystems on earth.

Lizzy-2nd Grade

Then we divided up to do individual work.  While David and Lizzy did their math, I helped Joy with reading using The Reading Lesson.  After that, Joy spent time doing Explode the Code online while David and Lizzy completed their first Switched on Schoolhouse Language Arts lessons (computer based program).


While we completed everything on the list, it wasn't a completely pain-free day.  I had to listen to a lot of whining and complaining, I heard a few "I hate school"s and "I don't want to do math"s and some more whine, whine, whine, blah, blah, blah.

Hopefully the next 179 days will go a little smoother than today.  Hopefully the whining will decrease while the learning will increase.

And a few random shots that the kids insisted on taking

We want to do a funny picture!



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