Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Finding My Motivation

I am in the middle of week four of the Couch to 5K program.  I have run faithfully three times a week (even while on vacation over Labor Day weekend) just like the program says.  It would be a large exaggeration to say that I look forward to my runs, but I do feel very accomplished when I finish my last bout of running.

For those who've never researched the Couch to 5K program, you start out slowly.  You walk for a while, run for a while, walk, run, until you're done.  This week I have been running for three minutes, walking for one and a half, run for five minutes, walk for two and a half, run for three, walk for one and a half, run for five and then a cool off walk.  Next week it gets tougher.

Today when I laced up my shoes, I knew my run was going to be grueling.  Seventy degrees with 95% humidity does not make for a fun run.  Plus, the sky looked like rain any second.  As I ran past my mother-in-law's house, she came to the door and told me to run fast if I didn't want to get soaked.  Just a few minutes after my run, the skies opened up and dumped.

I have attempted the C25K program before but never finished.  I make it to week four and then get tired of it and quit.

Today when I was breathing in soggy air and dripping with sweat, I thought real hard about turning around and going home.  But then I remembered that blog post I wrote, the one that told my family and friends that I was going to finish the training and run a 5K next month.  How embarrassing to have to admit to everyone that I gave up.  So I kept on running, reminding myself that I had to finish or I'd look really stupid.  But I'll tell you what.  When I finished my last five minute run and reached my driveway, I felt mighty accomplished.

To celebrate my victory over myself, I stopped off at the shoe store and traded in my three-year old, broken down, never fit me right in the first place, boring old tennis shoes

And bought a new pair of the most unboring shoes in the store.  I didn't set out to buy florescent pink shoes, but they were the only shoes in my size that fit well.  My girls were extremely jealous and asked if I'd buy them a pair.  Ha!  I can see it now....


  1. Way to go, Lisa! The shoes are AWESOME!! You will need to be more brightly attired anyway as the mornings get darker. You might even want to get one of those bright shirts. I have a really really hot pick tank you can have if you want it! :)

  2. Way to go, Lisa! That's how I started out, couch to 5K. Those programs are awesome, make you feel like you can actually do it. I don't love to run, by any means, but I get you when you say you feel great after. That's why I keep exercising, cause it makes me a better wife and mother to my family, it's best for my own state of being, it's spiritually rewarding as well. Oh! And my last pair of running shoes I got in the spring are florescent green! I love 'em, the fit & that they are so BRIGHT! Fits my personality!! Keep with it, girl!!

    ~Christy B