Wednesday, September 12, 2012

My Husband Is Awesome

All three kids watching Daddy on the computer

I had no idea what to write about today so I asked Hubby, who is home sick today, and Lizzy, who is sitting next to Hubby watching him play a computer game.  They both agreed I should write about how awesome Hubby is.  They don't think I'm really going to do it, but they are wrong.

Here are 10 reasons why my Hubby is awesome.

1. Last week he brought home a Qdoba burrito and flowers for me just because.

2. When I received a call six hours before the event asking if I'd host dinner for twenty-five people because the original hosts were sick, and I said yes, Hubby didn't get mad at me when I woke him up on a Saturday morning to help me clean the house.  He even offered to go to the store and pick up a few things we needed.

3. Every season Hubby begrudgingly okays my signing David up for soccer with the understanding that I will do the driving to practices and that Hubby will only make the games that he can.  Last night David had practice until 7:30.  I had women's group across town at 8:00.  Normally I could have gotten David home in time to get to my meeting on time, but the main road between my house and soccer is currently closed for bridge repair.  There was no way I could make it due to the horrible detour I'd have to take to get home.  Hubby didn't even put up a stink when I asked if he'd take David home.

4. Despite being tired after work, Hubby will often pop some popcorn and sit down with the kids to play a game or watch The Muppets with them.  Or he'll suggest a walk or something else fun.

5. He puts up with three little kids looking over his shoulder, telling him what to do, asking him questions, whenever he sits at his computer and he doesn't get annoyed.  (I get annoyed when kids try to look over my right now.  Get out of my space, Joy!)

6. When he found out at 4:00pm on Friday that he had to work on Saturday over Labor Day weekend and screw up our plans to go up north for the weekend, he had to stay home while the rest of us went on vacation.  Saturday afternoon after his work was done, he drove three hours to join us because he wanted to spend the rest of the weekend with his family.

7. A couple weeks ago I was craving Death By Chocolate ice cream.  I jokingly told Hubby to go buy me some...and he went!  I was very appreciative.  Yum.

8. Joy says--Daddy is awesome because he drinks pop and wears sunglasses.  And he likes spicy food and makes me try it and then I dance around saying "Hot!  Hot!  Hot!"

9. Lizzy says--Daddy is awesome because he says he's awesome.  And because he plays really loud music in the car that we can dance to.

10. Hubby is silly.  He makes us laugh.  He comes up with great ideas for fun things to do and always brings life to any party.

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