Sunday, March 25, 2012

They're Growing Up

Lizzy's Blankie named Coldy

The girls were looking through the Toys R Us sale ad from the newspaper today.  I think they wanted everything in the circular.  They obviously did not like my response that they couldn't have anything out of it.  So Lizzy got creative.

"Mom, I'm going to pick out a toy for you to buy me after I stop sucking my thumb."  I looked at her like, "Who says I'm buying you a toy for that?"  She must have read the skepticism on my face because she added, "You know, just like Great Grandma bought you a toy so you would stop sucking your thumb."  My Grandma bought my sister and I original, stand in long lines, fight to the death, cabbage patch dolls.  My sister got hers immediately.  My mom put mine on a shelf in the closet and wouldn't let me have it until I stopped sucking my thumb.

Lizzy convinced Joy that she needed to pick out a toy and stop sucking her thumb as well.  First Lizzy wanted a bouncy house (all $350 of it) but I squashed that idea.  Then she and Joy picked out much more reasonable toys which I had them tape up to their closet door as a reminder.  Lizzy pulled out her calendar and circled the day one month from now since I said they had to go a whole month.

What Joy Wants 
Lizzy then got to thinking.  "Mom, remember that night when I couldn't find Coldy (what she named her blanket) and so I went the whole night without sucking my thumb?  I think you need to put Coldy some place where I can't find her and then I won't suck my thumb."  She brought me her blanket that she's slept with since birth and told me to hide it.

I admit that I have conflicting emotions about today's episode.  On the one hand, I am really glad that Lizzy came to this decision because she's starting to get adult teeth and I'd like to avoid braces if possible.  On the other, it means she's growing up--giving me her blankie, determined to stop sucking her thumb.  I'm pretty sure Joy is just along for the ride and won't actually get her toy this time around, but Lizzy is serious.  Lizzy is definitely growing up.  Sniff, sniff.

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