Friday, March 23, 2012

Cleaning the Closets--Oh My!

I seriously considered not participating in Project Simplify Week 3-Closets, Counter Tops or Drawers.  The only drawers that needed attention I addressed in Week 2 when we were in the kitchen.  The only counter tops in my house are in the kitchen which I also addressed in Week 2.  Which left me with the great black hole that I like to call my hall closets.  I did NOT want to even think about cleaning out my hall closets.  They are complete disaster magnets.  

Linens, Toiletries, First Aid, Etc
Games, Craft Supplies, Etc
Every time I organize them, someone (kids, Hubby) decides they need to get something out of the closet and leaves a trail of chaos behind them.  I was lamenting the futility of tackling my closets to my mom when I was outside keeping an eye on the kids who were busy splashing in the woods.  She gave me some very sage advice--make it easier to put it back than it is to take it out.  Now I don't know if I accomplished that goal, but I did my best.  

I purged a TON out of what I would have considered pretty purged already closets.  While they may be the black hole of the house, I do tackle the closets on a semi-annual basis tossing anything I don't think we need.  This time I decided to be a bit more cut-throat.  I tossed excess sheets, towels, table clothes (I use table clothes maybe once a year, so why do I need four???), rags, toiletries that we will never use because our tastes have changed (or the girls now have hair that requires "real" hair products, not kiddie stuff), the list goes on.  

Purge pile from the linen closet

I'm sure that within a week the closets will look like a tornado came through them, but for now, I can enjoy the fruits of my labor--two purged and organized closets. 

Linen Closet Cleaned Up
Games and Crafts Closet Cleaned Up

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