Tuesday, April 2, 2013


You can't be serious

Can you hear it???  The whining and crying coming from my house???  That horrible, loud, obnoxious sound would be the cries of my children in reaction to their new school work load.  They aren't complaining about the content of the work, just the amount.

Clearly I have been too lenient with them.

We ditched our old curriculum and started over with Preparing Hearts For His Glory from Heart of Dakota.  I suspected that our old stuff was a bit lax in teaching essential skills, but I didn't realize it was this lax.

"I have to look up vocabulary words in the dictionary?!"

"I have to draw a picture of a dinosaur?!"

"I have to read my own school books?!"

"There's more work?!"

Geesh!  You'd think they'd never done school before.  We covered math, science, history, Bible, language arts (vocabulary, English and storytime), a history drawing project and a coloring project.  And the grand total time it took to accomplish all of their subjects today including throwing in our own spelling program?  Three and a half hours.  

My children have forgotten what it was like when they went to a brick-and-mortar school.  Back in the day when they did school all day instead of just all morning.  We had been doing school all morning before; it just involved a lot more work on my part versus on their part.  Which is why I hated the program because I spent so long reading their books to them, helping them with worksheets.  They just had to sit there and give answers at the appropriate time.  I learned a lot; they did not.

Suddenly they have to do most of the work all on their own.  Huh.  Isn't this how school is supposed to be???

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