Thursday, December 6, 2012

A Little Something Extra

I started getting my car's oil changed at the Hyundai dealer in town after my Hubby bought his car there.  The dealer sent us a mailer that advertised their oil changes as only being $14.99.  I couldn't pass up such a great price.

I usually took my car to one of those quick places where you either wait in your car or sit in a dingy waiting room while they change the oil.  Imagine my surprise when I went to the Hyundai dealer for the first time.  "Right this way, ma'am"  as I was led to a plush waiting area with a TV, juice and water bottles, popcorn, cookies, and a kids play area.

I only had Joy with me, who was three at the time.  She was busy playing in the play area when the owner walked by.  She took one look at Joy and walked back the way she came.  Next thing I know, she's offering Joy a stuffed frog to keep.

After my car was ready, I walked out to get it and noticed something strange.  My car was clean.  Huh.  Apparently they wash your car at this oil change place.  I buckled Joy in her car seat and went to get into my car.  That's when I saw the red carnation on my dashboard.  A flower???  How strange and nice.

Today I informed the kids it was oil change day and they cheered.  They love waiting there with me--free popcorn and juice, fun legos and other toys.  And I enjoy sitting in a comfy chair and reading a book.  I no longer wash my car on my own because I know it'll get done when I get my oil changed.  I am a faithful customer of the Hyundai service center because not only are the oil changes cheap, but they throw in a little something extra.

Which begs the question--Do I give people a little something extra when I meet them?  When I have them over to my house?  Do I smile at others?  Brighten their day?  Make them feel special?  Important?  Loved?

I have been reading the book Kisses From Katie by Katie J. Davis and I am learning a whole lot about what it means to really love others with the heart of God.  Katie is a young missionary to Uganda who didn't set out to be a missionary.  She just felt the call of God and responded not knowing what God had in store for her.  She has a heart that truly loves others--a Mother Theresa heart--that looks past filth, disease, ugliness, and poverty and sees God's child, a person who matters and is important and is beautiful and worthy of love.  She is constantly giving a little something extra to every one she meets.  No one goes away from her presence not feeling uplifted and loved.

I desire a heart like that--a heart that burns with passion for the lost.  A heart that burns with love for the needy.  A heart that finds no rest until it has given a little something extra to the people that I meet.  A heart that loves like Jesus loved.

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