Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Project Simplify Checkup

I took Lizzy out on a date yesterday.  We went to the library, to McDonalds, and then we went to our local Volunteers of America thrift store to do some summer wardrobe shopping for Lizzy.  While we were looking around I found an awesome bench with storage.    I really wanted it for my mud room but it was too big.  I looked at it, walked away, came back and looked at it again, walked away.  My third trip to look at it Lizzy was with me and said it would make a great toy box for her room.  I agreed.  The price was right so I bought it.

Of course when you add one piece of furniture to a room it requires you to clean up the entire room.  I moved a few things around now that Lizzy's toys were out of the closet.  The girls purged their things yet again and got the room looking spectacular.  So I took a picture.

It reminded me of taking pictures of the room when I participated in Project Simplify hosted by Simplemom back in March.  I then started thinking about how my closets are still looking pretty neat even after two months of use since I organized them.  I had to take a picture.  Then I thought about my kitchen--which is neat behind the cupboard doors but not so great on the counters.  I did not take a picture!  It needs some attention before I would want to show it off.

Girls' room in March

Girls' room today

Inside of the new bench toy box

Girls' closet in March

Girls' closet today

Closet in March
Closet today

Linen closet in March
Linen closet today (with an added bonus)

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