Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Garage Sale--Mission Complete

We had a garage sale this past weekend.  It was awesome.  First it sprinkled for about an hour and then the deluge showed up.  Right around 2:00pm the rain let up and the sun came out.  Nothing like a really good thunderstorm to help increase those garage sale profits!

I had my first garage sale last year mostly to get rid of all our old baby/toddler stuff that we no longer needed.  This year I debated about having a sale.  I didn't have a ton of stuff, but I did have a few BIG items--a loft bed, a spring rocking horse, a bike, a desk and a few other items that would have required renting a trailer or major disassembley work to haul to Goodwill myself.  Plus, the kids begged, yes begged, me to have a sale.  They wanted to sell their stuff to earn spending money for when we go to Disney World later this year.  My mom decided to bring her stuff over and joined in on my sale as well.

The bed that no longer lives in my house

I purged, I borrowed tables, I priced and set up.  Friday was a BEAUTIFUL day.  Absolutely gorgeous.  Too bad the sale was on Saturday.

Despite the nasty weather, I managed to sell every big item that I had.  I was beginning to make plans for turning the loft bed into a jungle gym (it had a slide that attached to it so it would be even more fun) when it was still sitting in my driveway at 2:30pm.  But at the eleventh hour, a truck pulled up, a guy jumped out and ran up to me asking if I would take less for the bed.  I didn't even hesitate as I said YES!  He threw it in his truck and drove away making me a very happy Lisa.

The night stand that no longer lives in my house

All in all, it was a successful day.  After the sale, I started looking around the two rooms that lost the most stuff--my sunroom (which was turned into the garage sale dumping room for the last month) and the basement playroom.  Both rooms seem so empty now--it's great!  I have big plans for the basement now that all the big toys, bed, and desk are out of there.

My sister asked me how I could have sold so much stuff.  Simple.  If someone asked to barter, I always said yes.  I was more interested in getting the stuff gone with as little effort on my part as possible than in making a lot of money.  In the end all that was left was enough to fit in 5 boxes that my mom dropped off at Goodwill when we were done.

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