Friday, May 4, 2012

2 Boys + A Screwdriver + A Broken Radio = 5 Happy Kids

We had two friends over on Wednesday.  David's friend brought along a broken radio that he wanted to take apart so he could figure out how it worked.  The boys got out a screwdriver and disappeared.  After a while I went to check on them and I found all five kids crowded around the radio looking at the pieces.  I'm not sure if they solved the mystery of how a radio works, but they did manage to dismantle the whole thing and cut every single wire into 2 inch pieces.

Later in the afternoon the girls decided it was time for the "messy project."  I told them to go collect some rocks from the yard and I got out the paint.  I turned my back for a minute to get out paper plates and place mats and came back to the table to discover the girls had gotten their own paint.  I just shook my head and decided it was time I bought new paint anyway.

The girls had a lot of fun painting the rocks.  I think they might have had more fun mixing the colors.  Either way, it kept them happy for a good half hour.

My plan for the rocks is for my girls to make a living doll house.  I am going to buy some flowers and herbs this weekend for them to plant in their little doll house boxes, and then they can set it up with paths, houses, and whatever else they can come up with using things they find outside.  Way cooler than a regular dollhouse.  And cheaper.  And when they're done with it, we can just throw it all back into the yard or the compost pile.

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