Tuesday, May 1, 2012

It's Play Time

I woke up yesterday with the idea of building a fort.  After dropping Joy off at school, we stopped over at the hardware store.  I wandered the lumber aisles looking for inspiration.  I had a rough idea of what I wanted to build, but the panels wouldn't fit in my van.  I decided to try out another idea that I saw on Pinterest--a Teepee.

I bought six- 10 foot PVC pipes and brought them home.  I rubber banded them together and clipped a few blankets on and decided it was not big enough to satisfy my three children.  I thought and thought and decided that what I needed to do was go back to the hardware store and buy six more pipes and some joiners.  I would then build a square fort.  

My original idea was to make it 7ft x 10ft x 10ft.  It was way too big.  I sawed a few more pipes down and settled on 6ft x 7ft x 7ft.  Big enough to fit all three kids and their toys but not so big that it was ridiculous.  It's set up in the sunroom right now since it was raining, but it'll be a lot of fun once we can get it outside.

Yesterday afternoon a friend came over and the kids played a game of hide-and-go-seek.  Here is where Lizzy decided to hide.  I thanked her for dusting off the top of the refrigerator when she was done.

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