Friday, July 20, 2012

A Little Interior Decorating

I've slowly been adding some finishing touches to the girls' bedroom.  The first purchase was the cool bench we found at Volunteers of America.  When we bought it, I promised Lizzy that I would sew a cushion to go on the bench so she could sit there more comfortably.  Back in May, we bought some great corduroy fabric and a mattress pad from Walmart.  I cut the mattress pad to make a double layer foam cushion, sewed the fabric into a slip cover, added velcro to the end so I could wash the cover as needed, and voila!  I had a bench cushion.

Last week I sewed up a sling book shelf out of some left over fabric from the cushion.  I followed this tutorial right down to buying the curtain brackets from Lowes.  At first, Lizzy was skeptical of the shelf, but she has since decided she really likes it.  She now stores her books and other random toys in there and has asked for a shelf for the rest of her many toys that she keeps in her bed with her.

My final finishing touch to the room was something I'd seen on pinterest a long time ago.  We were at Hobby Lobby buying the dowels for the sling book shelf and we walked through the drawer pull aisle and I noticed the half-off sign.  I told the girls to pick out a nob that they liked and I would use them for curtain tie-backs in their room.  The girls picked out blue flowers.  This morning I got out the drill and finally installed them.

I'm pretty pleased with my little additions to their room.  As a child I was always sewing something or repurposing something to decorate my room--pillows, night stand table clothes, curtains,  old vases and dried flowers.  I loved to make my room homey.  I thought I'd lost that desire a long time ago but it reappears every now and then.

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