Monday, July 2, 2012

To My Future Sons-in-Law

I jokingly told Hubby that he was ruining our daughters for their future husbands because of all Hubby does for me.  On our anniversary I found a hand-carved heart on my bathroom sink when I got up in the morning. When I went to sit in the living room to have my prayer time, I found a rolled note waiting for me.  When I went to make Hubby's coffee, I found another note on top of the coffee maker.  I found a third note on my computer keyboard (I got the sense that Hubby knows my habits well).  A forth note was waiting on my car dashboard which I found on our way to swim lessons.

Early afternoon a jig saw was delivered to my door (Yes, I did want one, so this was actually a much appreciated present).  Late afternoon a bouquet of roses was also delivered to my door.

Hubby is always randomly doing romantic things for me--he'll come home with a bouquet of wild flowers (my favorite) just because.  He'll leave me notes for no reason.  He's whisked me away on surprise dates and overnights.

When we were dating, Hubby told me that he was going to be so romantic that he would make my girl friends jealous.  I can't tell you if my friends are jealous because I've never asked, but I can tell you that my daughters are noticing.

Joy helped me put the roses in a vase.  As she was helping, she was rambling about how the roses were so pretty, that Daddy must really love me, and how one day she was going to get her own flowers.  She commented on the notes that Daddy left all over the house for me.  The girls both tried to help plan our anniversary date--Joy suggested going to a nice restaurant like Wendys.  Lizzy went a little higher class and suggested Qdoba.  It was the thought that counted.

A few days after I made the comment to Hubby about raising our daughters' expectations too high, he came back to me and said that this was his goal.  That he wanted our girls to see his example so they would have high expectations.  So they wouldn't settle for a man that doesn't treat them the way they deserve.

Princess Lizzy dressed up for Christmas breakfast

I know that all Hubby's gifts, surprises, and romantic gestures are things he does because he loves me.  And I love them.  But after Hubby told that about our girls, all of his gestures suddenly became all the more special.  That he even thought about the long term ramifications of his actions surprised me.  I'd never considered it.  Yet, I DO want my girls to have high expectations when they are looking for a husband.  I WANT them to seek out a husband who will treat them well, who has eyes only for them, who is willing to set aside his own desires for his family, who surprised them with gifts and gestures.  I want them to seek out a man who loves them deeply, completely, and treats them like a princess.  I want them to seek out a man like their father.

The girls dressed up like their version of a princess

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