Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Reclaiming my Backyard

David getting the stuff out of the weeds while Lizzy is using the hedge clippers

The time has finally arrived--I am tackling the wasteland in my backyard.  We used to have an above ground pool, but the pool broke four years ago.  We removed it and had plans to turn the area into a patio, then a deck, then a garden area.  It's been four years and I just keep looking out the window seeing this ugly area in my yard, year after year, telling myself that I need to do something about it.

On the way home from my trip to the lake, I was driving through a beautiful area.  Every where I looked was nature at its best--lakes, rivers, forests, sand dunes that looked like rolling hills, acres of farmland, horses, cows.  I started wishing for a view like that out my back window.  There's not much I can do about putting a lake, a farm, or a sand dune in my backyard, but I can do something about the wasteland.  Sunday night I started the attack.

View from the beach

Like almost all my projects, I started with internet research to find advice for dealing with a large plot of weeds.  The consensus was that I needed to cut the weeds down and then cover them until next spring.  There were a variety of suggestions for covering methods--clear plastic, black plastic, cardboard, layers of newspaper and compost.  I decided to start with the cutting down first.

I pulled out the scythe and got to work.  The scythe didn't do anything.  I got out Hubby's machete and tried that.  Nothing.  Those weeds are nice and sturdy.  So I pulled out the big guns--the hedge trimmer--and I cut it all down.

I only got about half of it cut down Sunday night, but I am going to finish it once the weather breaks (working out in 90+ degree weather is not my idea of fun).  In the process of the weed cutting, I unearthed a nice surprise.  Wild raspberries!  My girls are in seventh heaven making daily trips to the raspberry bushes to find any ripe ones to eat.

Yummy raspberries

I bought a 20' x 40' sheet of black plastic that I will cover the area with until spring.  Then I am going to haul in hay, dirt, and compost and I am going to turn it into a garden.  The area right now is a big sand pit about a foot deep which is great for a pool bed, not so great for a garden, so I have to heavily amend the soil to make it useful for gardening.  I want to make a couple raised beds in the corners and put a bench in there somewhere, add some pretty flowers and make wood chip paths.  Maybe an arch with a gate for the entrance.  I want it to be my little garden oasis, something beautiful that makes me smile when I look out my window.


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