Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Building a Fort

The first item on my Summer Bucket List has been crossed off.  The kids hauled lots of sticks from the woods behind my grandma's house down the street, we nailed them to a supporting board, and then we put it all together to create a fort.

Truthfully, the kids say it looks more like a jail (and I have to agree), but eventually as we improve on it, I hope it will look more like a fort.  One wall is just a left over piece of plywood, but we'll build another wall as we find more sticks--we ran out.

1. Built a fort out of downed wood.

2. Pack a picnic lunch and go fishing.

3. Fly a kite.

4. Watch the clouds drift by on a hot, summer day.

5. Catch fireflies and put them in a jar so we can watch them light up in a dark room.  (And then release them)

6. Build a sandcastle.  

7. Paint nature scenes while sitting outside.

8. Go on a bird watching hike.

9. Go canoeing and/or tubing down a river.

10. Buy a pup tent that the kids can set up themselves and play in outside.  

The kids played jail on Saturday as I worked in my garden.  Joy kept getting put in jail by David for speeding.  Good thing she still has another eleven years before she'll be old enough to get her driver's license!

1 comment:

  1. Isn't a jail just as much to play in anyway? Finishing the conversion to fort will probably come just about the time they get tired of using it as a jail so it'll give new life like having a whole nother toy!