Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Miraculous Healings--So Long Peanut Allergy

This is the arm of a boy who is no longer allergic to peanuts

Once upon a time David was a baby.  He was cute and chubby except for one thing.  His face was always covered in horrible, red eczema.  We took him to the allergist to be tested when he was around 10 months old, suspecting a dairy allergy a the only thing he ate was dairy-based formula.  Testing revealed an egg and peanut allergy.  Interesting, as he'd had no exposure to those outside of when I was still pregnant.

Over the years he has added new allergies.  He did develop a dairy allergy, followed by soy, which were both outgrown by age two, thank God.  A tree nut allergy was discovered after a bad reaction to a mango smoothie (Did you know that mangoes are closely related to the cashew?  We didn't either at the time).  But for sure, the worst allergy we discovered was to fish which was discovered the hard way.  A nice meal of tilapia resulted in an epipen shot and a trip to the ER.  Fun night.

The rule of thumb with childhood allergies is that most allergies are outgrown by age 5.  Those that are not outgrown by then are usually with you for life.  Or so I've been told.  You can imagine that our hopes for David ever outgrowing his allergies to egg, peanuts, tree nuts and fish were pretty much nil by this point now that he's 10.

We've had David prayed over by people who are world renowned for their healing ministries.  No change.  We have prayed over David ourselves numerous times.  No change.

Year after year I took David to the allergist hoping for an improvement in his allergies, or at least in his asthma, only to be told that he is worse and needs MORE medicine.  He had been on Singular since he was first diagnosed with asthma at age two.  A few years ago I learned that Singular can cause personality changes--as in aggressiveness and ill tempers.  Last year I went to the allergist determined to get David off the medicine as he hadn't had an asthma attack in a long time, only to learn that his lung function was compromised and he couldn't quit Singular and now needed a daily inhaler.

You can imagine that by this point I'd basically given up hope of David ever outgrowing any of his allergies or getting off the Singular.

Two months ago I took David in for his annual check-up.  In the past year he has had several unintentional exposures to eggs in baked goods, so I asked the doctor his thoughts on us introducing eggs into David's diet.  He was very supportive as long as it was in baked goods but told us to come back in two months for testing.  He couldn't test David right then because I forgot to have him stop taking his allergy medicine five days in advance.

We left and bought David his first donut.  He's now eaten cake, donuts, cookies, pancakes, and biscuits with egg in them with no issues at all.  This year he was able to join in on my favorite birthday tradition--candy cane donuts from Tim Hortons.  He loves them just like I do.  Woohoo!!!

David's first donut

Today we went back to the allergist for allergy testing to see if his egg allergy is gone.  I also asked for David to be retested for his nut allergies on a lark.  You never know.

The weirdest thing happened.  He actually showed a reaction to eggs, so no actual eggs for David any time soon, but baked goods are still fine.  But the big surprise was that his peanut test didn't swell up at all.  As in no reaction.  The doctor and I just looked at his back, looked at each other, looked at his back again and were shocked.  A stronger test was ordered where they insert a bigger amount of the peanut protein under the skin with a needle just to be sure.  Again, no reaction.  None.  The doctor told us we could introduce peanuts into David's diet and see how it goes.  So we rushed home and served him a PBJ.  Just kidding.  I'm going to take this one slowly because I admit to being a little nervous.  He will have his first taste of peanuts while I stand over him armed with an epipen.

The little dot on the top left in column A is the peanut test.
We were expecting it to look like the big welts under the tree nut section.

The other big news is that back in October I decided (without informing the doctor--bad, Lisa) to take David off Singular and have him only take his daily inhaler and use a nasal spray for allergies and see how he does through monitoring his peek air flow daily at home.  If his lungs showed they were getting worse, I'd put him back on the Singular.  His daily peek air flow testing has shown that his lungs are doing really well.  Better than ever.  Today, David took the lung test where he breathes into a machine that tests his lung function.  Then he is given a breathing treatment and retakes the lung test.  For the first time David passed the test the first time with the breathing treatment only making a marginal improvement.

Which means that we can keep him off the Singular (which was causing behavior issues that have almost completely resolved much to my further amazement).

I walked out of the appointment hopeful and excited for the first time basically ever.  While he is still very allergic to tree nuts and fish, he can eat things with eggs and peanuts in them for the first time in his life!  The girls insisted that he needs to try M&Ms now.  Oh the possibilities...

So this is me claiming and proclaiming a miraculous healing from the Lord that has opened up a whole new world of deliciousness to my son.  A healing that has strengthened David's lungs and weakened his environmental allergies enough that he is doing better without taking Singular than when he was. Which has allowed my son's true nature to be revealed sans personality-altering medicine.  (And yes, I will share more on this topic in a future post)


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