Friday, November 15, 2013

Baking With REAL EGGS!!

What?!  I'm minding my own lick-ness.
Wow does that girl crack me up

Almost ten years ago I received the news that my sweet, little boy was allergic to eggs.  Thus began my journey in egg-free baking.  I learned to make cookies, sweet breads, muffins, cake, and other delicious baked goods without eggs.

In the beginning, my results were slightly less than wonderful.  But over time I became a pretty darn good egg-free baker.  I perfected the eggless chocolate chip cookie to the point that people raved about my cookies, not realizing they were lacking a key ingredient.

And then a few weeks ago I took David to the allergist for his annual check up.  Two years ago his doctor said that we could try introducing eggs in limited amounts in baked goods.  I was never brave enough to try that.  But now I was ready.  I told the doctor that I wanted to try giving David eggs and he said definitely.

Thus opened a whole new world to David and potlucks.  For me and my baking.  For my family.

Enter baking WITH eggs.

I made a cake with eggs.  David tried it.  He didn't like it but he tried it.  And then today we baked up real sugar cookies and cupcakes for a girls event Lizzy is attending tomorrow.  Delicious, sugary, eggy cookies.  Oh my.  It has been way too long.  I tried egg-free sugar cookies in the past and they just never turned out quite right.  Passable, but always missing just a little bit of something.  No more.

I present to my readers our first batch of cookies made with eggs in our household for the first time in almost ten years.  I used this recipe I found of the Food Network.  They turned out beautifully.

10 dozen sugar cookies ready to be decorated

You will notice Lizzy mixing cupcakes in a bowl.  Thanks to all the baking lessons she's been getting from a friend of mine, I was able to hand her the box and say "Make this."  She only needed to know what temperature to set the oven to.  Otherwise she made them all by herself.

As for David and Joy, again, due to the influence of my friend, the baking teacher, I decided to back off and let them make the cookies with only minimal help from me.  Not the easiest thing for a woman who cringes every time flour gets spilled, butter goes flying, etc.  But they did a really good job and only made a medium size mess.  Which I made them clean up.  And I quote, "You know, the best part about baking is cleaning up."  Really?!  They even have to ask.  But they washed up their dishes anyway.


  1. Wow! So happy for you! I too have to bake eggless...well, nearly eggless. My kiddos are allergic to egg white, but not the yolk, which in my humble opinion, contributes the flavor. I used egg replacer for the white. Someday I have hopes of baking *real* things again with both eggs and butter. For now, I stand a distance and hope! Enjoy the baking!!!

    1. I threw whole eggs in there. So far he's eaten cookies, cake, pancakes from a box so with powdered eggs, and frozen waffles. It's so funny how freeing it is to not have to worry about one of his allergies anymore even though I have gotten really good at working around it to the point that it's just second nature to bake from scratch using Ener-G egg replacer.