Saturday, December 21, 2013

Gingerbread Houses and Christmas Cookies

I have never decorated a gingerbread house before.  The closest I've come is decorating graham crackers into the shape of a house.  So I decided this year we were going to rectify the situation.  I bought one of those kits that comes with everything you need.  I set it on the shelf where it sat for two weeks.

Tonight we were supposed to go to our church for a Live Nativity event, but the weather is awfully frightful tonight with all this freezing rain.  So I pulled out the gingerbread house for us to decorate instead.

I opened the package only to discover this.

Yuck.  What is that???  Why would I waste all the delicious frosting and candy on something that looks like cardboard disguised as gingerbread?  What a disappointment.  "Okay, girls.  Let's make cookies we can actually eat and use the decorations on them instead."

We cracked out the kitchenaid and got to work.

We made up a batch of sugar cookies.  And I passed off my least favorite part of cookie making onto the kids.  They were more than happy to squish the cookies into balls as long as I turned a blind eye to their sample snitching.

And then came the fun part.  Decorating!

What we lack in actual decorating ability we make up for by using extra sprinkles and candy--for some of us that would be lots of extra candy.  I just cringed and turned the other way.  Hubby got all creative with his designs by using the piping set that came with the gingerbread house.  Here is the cookie he made for me.

It wasn't the evening I had planned on, but we had a lot of fun and can now say we made Christmas cookies this year.  I still haven't decorated a gingerbread house, but maybe I will try again next year after baking my own gingerbread that doesn't look like cardboard.

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