Tuesday, April 8, 2014

My One Year Trim Healthy Mama-versary

A year ago I started on an adventure that I didn't really have a lot of hope for.  But I decided to give Trim Healthy Mama a try because I really wanted, no, needed to lose weight.  I'd tried Atkins, South Beach, Weight Watchers, The Beck Solution, The Blood Type Diet and many other plans that promised to help me lose the weight.

They/I failed.

I had little reason to believe THM would be different.  I bought the book anyway, read through all 650 pages in under a week, and got to it.

I did really well at first.  I stayed on plan 100% for the first few months.  But then summer hit with its many vacations and parties and BBQs.  I tried to stay on plan as best I could, but that wasn't always possible.  I still managed to lose weight, though slower.  And it has always been easy to pick back up where I left off once I returned to an eating environment where I had control over the choices.

I watched my scale slowly move down, and I celebrated every single lost pound as a major victory.  Because to me, it is!  I watched my too tight jeans get loose.  And then fall down without a belt.  And then look ridiculous, forcing a shopping trip.  I walked into the store wearing a size 22 pair of jeans and walked out holding a pair of 14s.  I was flabbergasted.  This can't be real.  They must have reworked the sizes.  But then I went home and tried on a pair of old 14s I had stored in the basement--and by golly, they fit!

Just this past week I saw a cute pair of shorts on sale and bought them in a size 12 without trying them on because I had all 3 kids with me, but when I got them home and tried them on, they slid right on.  Sometimes there are moments that nearly bring me to my knees in gratitude.  That was one of those moments.

I wish I could say that my THM journey has been fast and steady.  But that isn't the truth.  The first 30 pounds took about 4 months.  The next 15 took 8 months.  But I have not been completely consistent, and throw in 2 surgeries, 2 hospital stays, a trip to an all-inclusive in Cancun, holidays and birthdays, and a really harsh winter that left us virtually shut-in from November through March??  I am pretty happy with how much I still managed to lose.

I knew going into this journey that it would not be a sprint.  I was standing at the bottom of a really big mountain and it was going to take a lot of hard work, sacrifice, perseverance, and time.  I wanted it to be quick, but that's not reality.  At the beginning the mountain seemed impossible.  I figured I'd lose 10 pounds and call it good.  But something happened.

I was explaining this to my Hubby the other day.  There is something about THM that is different from all other weight loss programs out there.  Yes, the actual program is different, but it's not that.  When I read posts on the THM Facebook page, when I read the testimonies, you can feel that this one is different.  People are reporting major victories over health problems, food addictions, eating disorders, etc.  When they share, they give glory to God.  It's like the program has a special anointing from the Holy Spirit to help people experience freedom from life long struggles.

I thought about that for a minute after saying it and then realized that it does have a special anointing.  Because Serene and Pearl, the authors of the book, are two very strong Christian women who prayed over that book and pray for the people who buy the book and do the program.  That they will succeed not only in losing weight, but that they will regain their health, that walls would come down.  Victories would be won.  Lives changed.  This is what makes this program so different.  It's beautiful.

I will be forever thankful to the Lord for bringing this program into my life.  And I look forward to what the next year has in store for me.

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  1. So awesome! Thanks for sharing your REAL self and the fact that you did not stay on perfectly! I love that you just stepped back into it and trucked forward! So encouraging! Praise God! You look wonderful!

  2. Way to go! :D Your story is very inspiring!

  3. I don't even know how I happened upon your page, but thank you. I have been on THM since the end of October and stalled for what feels like forever. Thank you thank you! I really needed the encouragement!