Friday, January 10, 2014

Going On Vacation--Sans Kids

A real beach vacation is in my near future

The only reason I didn't freak out when it came time to go on my honeymoon to Cancun, Mexico was because my new Hubby was going with me.  And I was super thrilled and distracted by the whole "Marriage" thing.  But in reality, vacationing to new places, especially foreign places, had a tendency to produce a whole lot of anxiety in me.

Like, the kind of fear that resulted in me brushing Hubby off every time he suggested going on a real vacation sans kids.  Because it involved going to an exotic location--exotic as in anywhere outside of the state of Michigan.

At Epcot Center

We talked about a trip for our 5th anniversary, but then I got pregnant and we had Joy (and we don't regret that one bit).  We talked again about a trip for our 10th anniversary, but then my inlaws offered to take us to Disney World so we happily did that instead.  So here we are, 11.5 years into our marriage, and the biggest trip we have taken without kids was an infamous camping trip to Lake Michigan with 5 other couples.  Infamous because it involved a whole lot of rain, flooded tents, branches falling into fire pits and lighting on fire, crazy wind, and my vowing to never, ever, EVER go tent camping again--a promise I have not gone back on yet.  The only other trips we have taken were weekend getaways to the Lake House, which is always nice.

Hubby started talking about a trip yet again, but then we agreed we should put it off as we are planning to do some major remodeling this spring and we weren't sure if we'd have the money.  Somehow our decision to put it off was one-sided...I put it off, Hubby started making plans.  Two days ago he told me that we are going on a trip and to get my passport renewed (it expired four years ago and was issued in my maiden name as my last international trip was our honeymoon).

We will NOT be hiking the Appalachian Trail because
we're not crazy and I don't. do. tents.

Crazy, unafraid Lisa didn't even blink.  I didn't think about the expense of the trip.  I didn't worry about how my kids would handle us being gone for a week in a different country.  I didn't stress over leaving the country, going somewhere I've never been before in a place where I don't speak the language.  I didn't even feel anxious about what I would eat and if it would make me sick (this used to be a huge and real fear for me as I have gotten sick many times when eating away from home).

I just said okay, filled out the passport form, and dug out my marriage certificate.  Today, as I was blow drying and straightening my hair for my passport picture, Hubby laughed at me.  Hey!  I may not do my hair very often (as in like five times a year), but I'll be darned if I'll immortalize myself for the next ten years with my hair in a ponytail because I do have a small shred of vanity left deep down inside of me somewhere.  Truly.

Someone is having fun playing with
Mom's straightened hair

I got my picture taken at the post office, filled out the priority mail envelope, paid my money, and sent my application on its merry way.  I didn't even look back.

Because I am brave.  I am not afraid of traveling to a new place.  Just because I will force Hubby and Myself to finally sit down and make out a Will before we leave, just in case, isn't fear talking, it's being smart.  It's not like I think we're going to die in a plane crash or that a drug lord is going to plant drugs in our luggage resulting in us being locked up in a jail in Mexico.  No, I am not worried about that.  I used to be.  But not anymore.

All I am thinking about is me and Hubby lying on the beach in the glorious sun doing nothing but relaxing.  And maybe some site seeing.  Because we will be in some exotic location after all.

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