Thursday, January 30, 2014

40 Pounds Gone Forever! Project Fit-Into-Dress Complete!

I have a 5 gallon bottle of water in my basement.  It's one of those water bottles that you find people standing around at work when they say they are "going to the water cooler."  When Joy was a newborn, lightning struck the power transformer down the road and thrust us into a 3 day power outage, which is a problem when you have well water which requires electricity to run.  So we have learned to stockpile water should we lose power again.

Today, after 2 weeks of following the strictest eating style that Trim Healthy Mama purports called the Fuel Cycle--a pattern of eating the different fuel types which is meant to rev up a lazy metabolism--I stepped on the scale to discover I AM DOWN 40 POUNDS!!!      

So what does that have to do with my water bottle in the basement?  According to my quick internet research, a 40 pound weight loss is equivalent to losing a 5 gallon bottle of water.

Have you ever tried to lift one of those water bottles??  They're heavy!!  I look at that water bottle and I can't help thinking to myself...I used to carry around that much extra weight every single day??  Wow!  No wonder I was always so tired and my joints hurt when I walked.  

The other day I went to put on a belt I haven't worn in a few weeks--I had to notch it an inch smaller to keep my "goal jeans" up.  That's right--when I started this THM journey, I bought a pair of size 14 jeans at a garage sale (they were brand new with tags still on) and decided that these were going to be my "goal pants."  Back in April 2013 I couldn't even imagine ever fitting into these comparatively tiny pants.  I went home and tried them on and could barely get them up over my thighs.  I admit it was rather discouraging, but I folded them up and put them in the back of my closet to be pulled out every month or so just to see if they fit.

At the end of the summer the pants finally fit.  They were tight, but I could button them and wear them without cutting off my air supply.  Today they are close to falling down if I wear them without a belt.  Thus my "goal jeans" are now about to become my "cast off jeans" as I am not done yet.  15 pounds more to go to get to my goal weight.

But the best part is that the dress I was determined to fit into, the dress I wore on my honeymoon and could zip up three weeks ago but left no room for breathing??  It fits!!  Like for real fits!!  With room to breathe and everything!  I may not like the dress (I'm not sure it actually goes well with my coloring, but whatever), but it fits and I can wear it!  

If I could impress one thing upon someone who is just starting out on their own weight loss journey, or who wants to lose weight but thinks it's hopeless so why even try, it is this:

You really can do this.  I tried all the other diets out there.  None of them "stuck."  I spent 2 years being in the "obese" category according to the BMI indexes.  I felt completely hopeless and that this was just the way I was going to be forever.  

But then I saw this diet being advertised.  It was a new one (it came out in November 2012), so there wasn't a lot of information out there on it, but those who had been using the program since the beginning were posting significant losses and reporting major health overhauls.  The $35 price tag on the book put me off for a few weeks, but then that nagging feeling just kept coming back that I should buy this book.  

I started the diet figuring it would be another program I started but failed.  Who ever sticks to a diet plan long enough to actually lose all the weight, let alone keep it off long term??  

Thank you Lord that I listened to that nagging voice and started on the path to becoming a Trim Healthy Me.  Because I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.  This time last year I was resigned to being obese forever.  Today I am 15 pounds away from being in my healthy weight range.  Despite cheating.  Taking breaks over the holidays.  Being lax in my exercise.  Trim Healthy Mama really makes it almost easy to lose weight.  You can eat fat, you can eat carbs, you can eat dessert--and I sure do love my dessert.  I eat cake, cheese cake, cookies or chocolate for dessert almost every single night.

It is not hopeless.  You don't need to resign yourself to being overweight forever.  You can do it one meal at a time.  One day at a time.  One week at a time.  One month at a time.  Until you reach that goal of being trim and healthy and no longer a heart attack or diabetic waiting to happen.  If I can do it, anyone can.

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