Thursday, June 1, 2017

The Cavalry Arrives (The Day We Came Close To Losing Our House--Part 2)

You know how when you are watching an epic battle scene where the good guys are completely outnumbered and it looks like they are about to lose and die?  That is how it felt when I looked at my yard after the tree fell down.  Complete regret at having hired these people and wondering if all was lost on getting a real backyard.

We sat down to dinner that night and no tree crew.  I cleaned up the kitchen, still no tree crew.  Just before 7:00pm, I see a bucket truck drive past my house.  I see a truck pulling a wood chipper.  I see a third truck.  And I am excited!  The cavalry had arrived!

So fun to watch that even Kitty got in on the action

Five guys hop out of their respective vehicles, the new Boss Man talks to me for a few minutes about what needs to get done, I ask him who is paying for this (I just want to be clear that it is not me), and he laughs and says, "I am going to charge the other guy whatever I want."  He turns to his crew and says, "Let's go, boys."

It was amazing.  Watching them haul back the wood chipper, power up their chainsaws, and the Boss Man drive around the side of the house on "The Claw."  I felt like I was watching The Lord of the Rings when the reinforcements arrived and turned the whole tide of the battle.

The Claw--I'm sure it has a real name, but I like mine better

The guys cut down the rest of the trees, turned all the branches into wood chips, and essentially clear cut our entire property leaving a big, open, usable space.  It was pretty impressive to watch.

A panoramic view of our now cleared out backyard

Joy checking out The Claw in our newly cleared backyard

The Dead-To-Me landscaping company came back to finish the job I'd hired them to do.  Except they sent all new guys because I think the original guys may have been afraid of me.  Oops.  They rototilled up the pool area, raked out all the weeds, hauled in dirt, seeded it and covered it with straw.  Now we are waiting for the tree people to come back and grind the stumps (gotta have MISS DIG come out first of course), then we will clear out the rest of the backyard and seed it so we will have one big yard for years to come.  My once ugly, overgrown backyard is going to be beautiful.

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