Friday, May 12, 2017

Life In The Sweet Spot

Parenting used to be a lot harder when my kids were younger.  Midnight feedings, inconvenient and stinky diaper changes, teaching little children about impulse control...  Of course I loved my kids, but  the end of the day usually found me burned out and just wanting them to go to bed.

As time has gone by, and as my kids have gotten more capable, things are shifting in my house.  The burden of care has shifted from me doing everything to them doing almost everything for themselves.  And they are now helpful members of the family.  They do yard work, dishes, cleaning, some cooking.  Basically, my kids now pull their own weight.

Along with this, my kids have matured as people.  My kids are funny, intelligent, creative, fun to be around.  They are pursuing things they are interested in.  They're becoming young adults.  And it is so fun to watch them grow.  I am fully aware that right now we are living in the sweet spot between "young kids" and "hormones."  And I fully plan to enjoy every blessed moment of it.

Over the past year, each of my kids have discovered new interests that they are excited about.  David took up cross country and track last year, but this year he has really gotten into it.  He enjoys practice, he enjoys the meets.  He even runs at home outside of practice.

Lizzy has found a love of kayaking.  Her grandma got a kayak that she keeps at the lake house.  My kids have all taken turns trying it, but Lizzy LOVES it.  So much so that she asked for her own kayak for her birthday.

Joy started in cross country and track this year.  She really looks forward to practice, but has chosen to forgo the meets until next year.  Which is just fine with me.  But something new that she has taken to is the guitar.  Hubby had his guitar out the other night, Joy expressed interest in learning how to play, and the next thing I know Joy has her own guitar (Hubby's old one) and is practicing the four chords Hubby taught her.

Time really does fly by when it comes to raising kids.  Yesterday they were all still in car seats and diapers.  Today my oldest is about to graduate from middle school and my youngest is telling me that she will make me breakfast because I am too busy getting stuff ready for the Confirmation party to make my own.  We've transitioned from Thomas the Train discussions to having in depth conversations about things like North Korea and birth control because my kids asked.

It is so much fun watching my kids grow into who God has made them to be.  To see them become their own people.  To encourage them as they discover new interests and passions.

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