Sunday, November 9, 2014

Family Game Night--Day 3 of Play

Yesterday we had to run errands, one of which brought us to the mall with its super awesome escalator.  Just ask my kids, they will tell you.  "Mom, can we go up the escalator??  Please??  How many times??"

I stood at the bottom while I watched them go up, and I thought that was silly.  I should go for an escalator ride, too.  Because that's fun and I need to have more fun.  Up I went, down I went.  Up the kids went, down they went.  Over and over.  The girls' stuffed animals even got to slide down the middle near the end.

We were done with our shopping but the kids begged to walk the mall.  Because apparently in my family, mall walking is the "in" thing to do.  Fine.  Lets go walk the mall.  Despite the fact that we had a bunch of other errands that we still needed to do and it was approaching lunch time.  Whatever.  So we walked the mall, we threw pennies into the fountain, and I had flashbacks to doing this exact same thing over the years, which used to involve needing to change my kids' shirts at the end.  I'm grateful times have changed, but sad that my kids are growing up too fast.

David still can't keep his hands out of the fountain

After dinner we cracked out David's birthday present for family game night.  We played Ticket to Ride, which only Hubby had ever played before.  I don't normally go for board games, but I have to admit that I actually enjoyed this game.  Despite losing to a 7 year old, Miss Joy, who kicked our butts.  Despite Lizzy blocking my route which caused me to call her all sorts of names like "Snot," "Booger," and "No more Christmas presents for you."  (Hubby said that he would buy her presents because she didn't block his train route and because he doesn't love me, obviously)

I got in the game, literally.  I laughed and played and learned the strategy of the game so I know how to beat Joy the next time we play Ticket to Ride.  (Which is the most important lesson I learned yesterday)

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