Friday, June 6, 2014

The Last Day Of School--We Did It!!

The last day of school 2014

When I was a kid, my Mom always marked the first day of school and the last day of school with a special lunch out--almost always to the Burger King down the street.  It wasn't the place that was special, it was the tradition.  Starting and finishing a school year is a big accomplishment and I love that my Mom celebrated that.

My Hubby says that my family is party happy.  We celebrate everything together--birthdays, holidays, promotions at work, anniversaries, everything.  He's right.  But that's one of the things I love about my family.  You know that if something big happens in your life, people are going to celebrate with you.

And so I choose to continue the tradition with my own family.  

One of the downsides of being a Homeschooling family is that we don't have the already built in graduation ceremonies and school parties.  If my kids are going to get any sort of recognition for a year well done, it's going to have to come from me.  And I choose to play it up big.

The first day of school this year found us up north at the cottage.  We celebrated by going to the beach.

Not as excited about the first day of school as the last

The last day of school is marked with pictures and fun.  Okay.  So we haven't had any fun yet, but we will.  Tonight or tomorrow we will go somewhere fun to celebrate.

Joy is now a 2nd grader

Lizzy is now a fourth grader

David is now a sixth grader--MIDDLE SCHOOL!!!  

Most years I get to the end of the school year and am just relieved that we made it.  This year is a little bit different.  While it's exciting to be done, I'm not crying with relief.  We didn't crawl over the finish line like every other year.  Which is amazing considering all that has happened.  There have been so many things this year that would have sent me over the edge even a year ago.  Two hospitalizations, two surgeries, watching my nephew 1-2 days a week, discovering six weeks ago that my iron was crazy low which would explain why I spent the entire winter with crippling fatigue--fatigue so bad that I would fall asleep if I sat down for longer than a few minutes.  Which made every task feel like it required a Herculean effort on my part.  For months.  Several extended family member hospitalizations that resulted in hospital visits, babysitting, making meals, etc.

This year has been tough.  Super tough.  Probably the most physically challenging year I have ever had.  I should be rejoicing that another school year is complete!  I should be running in the streets!  But instead I find myself doing only one thing--Thanking God.

I could not have done this year on my own.  I seriously could not.  Like no way ever.  So many days I woke up in the morning and just laid there, crying out to God to give me the strength to get out of bed.  To make it through the day.  To have the energy to school my kids, to take care of my home and family.  And God met me every time.  One the days that I watch my nephew I pray that God will give him a good day--and whether it was those prayers, nature or nurture, my nephew has only ever had good days at my house.  He is a true delight and brings us a lot of joy.

I look at this year and I know that it was only by the Grace of God that we had a really good year.  That my kids learned.  That my kids thrived.  That we've all grown spiritually.  That we've grown closer as a family and have grown in love.  That we made it to the end of the year with energy left over.

I thank God for a great year.

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